What to Do if your Car Won’t Start 

Nowadays, cars are becoming much more reliable. However, with so many moving parts involved when your vehicle is running, even the most regularly maintained cars can still be very temperamental. Assuming that you are not an auto mechanic, let us discuss the most common situations a car can have as well as how to deal with them in the most professional way. 

Your Car Won’t Start 

After you turn on the key of your car and the engine does not crank at all, chances are that things might not be all that bad. If your vehicle won’t start, the problem most likely starts from the battery, especially during cold weather. On the other hand, when you hear clicking or silence response from your car you should: 

1. Turn the lights of the vehicle on. If they are dim, then you might have a dead battery or a poor battery connection. Try tracing back the problem such as maybe you forgot to turn off your headlights or interior lights on and you drained your battery so that you will be aware the next time and so you can double check. 

2. Clean and tighten your battery connections and start again. They could also be loose or corroded. 

3. Jump start your vehicle. 

4. If this method works, stop immediately and have your battery tested especially if it is an old one. A car parts store will usually test for free as well as replace it for new whenever you need a new one.  

5. Worst case scenario is to have a bad alternator or starter. If this is the case, you will have to hire the professional services of a professional tow truck company such as towing services in Stamford.  

Car Cranks but Will Not Start 

If your starter turns well but the engine will not start, the root of the problem is a bit harder to diagnose. As a matter of fact, one common problem that can lead to this situation is a frozen fuel line. During the winter, you should always make sure that your fuel tank is kept half full. This is because if water accumulates in the vehicle’s fuel line, condensation will be frozen and your car will not start anymore. If you have been driving in deep snow or other wet conditions, you probably already know that wet spark plugs as well other engine components can actually prevent your vehicle from starting. 

If this happens to you, you will probably want to have your vehicle repaired by your mechanic. In order to make sure that your vehicle is safely transported to a trusted mechanic near you, you should make sure that you only call a professional and reputable tow truck company so you stay worry-free knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of professionals. Professional tow truck service providers make sure that they’re tow trucks are high quality so they can be able to transport your vehicle to the nearest auto shop in the most efficient and effective manner. 

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