How To Use the Science of Paint and color To change A Room’s Size Or Shape

Choosing the right color for your rooms is a very difficult choice. The choice of color can directly impact the feel of warmth and comfort or the complete opposite, dark and not cozy.

Surprising enough when it comes to color choicest, not only will your emotions be touched but the colors can often attribute to a room’s size, and shape.

Please read bellow for a few tips that we think will help you:

Proper shades of color for the smaller rooms

Home owners, frequently ask about how to make their rooms look spacier especially when it comes to making the smaller rooms appear larger. Generally, proper lighting and proper shades are the way to go, natural light is not the only primary reason for better spacing effect, but rather they have the look and feel that makes you feel you are in a larger room.

When it comes to decorating smaller room you must take into consideration , to refrain from contrasting colors, it is difficult for the naked eye to recognize one shade color when it comes to edges, causing the amazing illusion of a larger space.

Make a larger room feel a little cozier

Living rooms with lots of space can sometimes become very empty and loose the sense of comfort and closeness for when it is being used by the family or guests.

To encourage your living room space to feel more inviting. Painter in Montreal recommends the use of darker shades. It is known in the industry that darker colors is a strong light absorbed making the overall space feel a sense of warmth and comfort. To make your living room cozier, warmer colors such as red, orange and darker shades of blue will do just the trick.

Handling low ceilings

Generally everyone prefers high ceilings, it has been scientifically proven that rooms with higher ceiling makes us feel better and have a certain confidence to go with it. People do not like confinement so more space is usually preferred. By using the same bright colors on your walls , use the same colors on your ceiling to truly give it that final touch. As mentioned earlier, this has the optical effect of blurring the line somewhat between where the wall ends, and the ceiling begins.

Even you can try decorating the walls with vertical stripes, choose between using wallpapers or painting. If it suits the aesthetic of your room, you can also have a mirror on the ceiling.

Partition a long room

There’s no doubt that large, long rooms can be problematic, particularly when their main use is for entertaining. A feasible way of dealing with this is to separate the room in some way. Make sure of folding screens, bookcases or other shelving to block off a specific area. Picking out the right colours can also help.

Using warm shades and darker colours on the most remote and end wall can have an effect of making it seem much closer, specially if the adjacent walls (the longer walls) are painted in lighter colours.